Iranian President Hassan Rouhani is often mischaracterized in the West as a moderate and force for change. While stylistically he may appear reasonable and forthcoming, he's a consummate insider who has been at the pinnacle of power most of his life, supporting extremist fundamentalist policies.

For 17 years Rouhani has been a member of Iran's Supreme National Security Council (SNSC), the country's top decision-making panel that overseedefense and national security issues.

Rouhani was twice National Security Adviser to the President; Chief Nuclear Negotiator; Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Services; member of the Supreme Defense Council; Commander of the Air Defense Force; member of the Council of Experts; and five times an elected member of the Majlis, where he served as head of the Defense Committee.

Less well known is Rouhini's key role in supporting terrorism; his support for chemical, biological, and nuclear weapons; how he duped the West when he was Iran's top nuclear negotiator; his early years as a fundamentalist activist and protege of Ayatollah Khomeini; and his hardline opposition to human rights, freedom, and democracy.

These issues and others are discussed on this website to provide a realistic appraisal of Rouhani and his true ambitions as President of Iran.